Illegal Migration & Job Creation:
Global Trade Matters collaborates with international organizations, educational institutes and think tanks from Europe to address issues regarding illegal migration and job creation, from and in Northern Africa. Meetings with the Laboratory of Mediterranean Studies of the European Journalism Observatory at the Università della Svizzera italiana, in collaboration with the Fidinam Foundation in Switzerland aim at identifying the role of the private sector in creating new sustainable jobs in Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Libya and Algeria – moving away from the traditional European model of “Aid and Trade” to ‘Creating Shared Value” between the Mediterranean countries in order to balance between the emerging and developed market trends, as well as the different socio-economic consumer dynamics.

Regional Economic Integration:
Global Trade Matters collaborates with international organizations, educational institutes and think tanks from around the world to push forward the main theme of the Arab Peace Initiative which was re-endorsed at the 2017 Arab League summit promoting peace based on justice and equity. The Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), the world’s leading independent think tank, initiated the first phase regional integration meeting where twenty-two participants convened for two and a half days in May 2017 in London to assess the potential for increased regional economic growth rates, commercial and trade opportunities and the employment and development benefits that would accrue to all the populations of the Middle East if the Arab Peace Initiative (API) was to be implemented. A follow up meeting between the core participants were held in Jordan hosted by the Amman Center for Peace and Development, in Greece hosted by Thought4Action Think Tank and in France hosted by the French Presidency in 2018. The meetings aimed at having and open and transparent discuss the scope of a full ‘regional economic diplomacy’ project and actionable strategy.

Global Competitiveness:
In collaboration with the Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt’s leading private sector bank, Global Trade Matters launched the Compete Egypt Private Sector Initiative in 2016 with the objective of enhancing the Global Competitiveness Dialogue in Egypt and improve the nation’s ranking on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitiveness index (GCI). Global Trade Matters has engaged with international organizations, private sector companies and foreign governments with the aim of sharing competitiveness-based knowledge, experiences, and knowhow, expanding the understanding and building new capacities for a more globally competitive Egypt. Global Trade Matters’ competitiveness-based conferences and meetings have hosted global leaders and experts in competitiveness such as the Honorable Deborah Wince Smith – President of the Global Federation for Competitiveness Councils to engage with the Egyptian business community and further promote the importance of global competitiveness.

Foreign Direct Investment:
In 2017, Global Trade Matters launched the “Demand Gap Initiative” with the objective of matching non-traditional investment opportunity with international investors and funds. The Government of Egypt has undertaken major economic reforms redefining the investment environment in Egypt with Billions of USD being invested in mega infrastructure projects paving the way for new investments and economic growth across the country. On the other hand thousands of factories remain closed and small and medium businesses lack access to domestic or international finance. Startup and venture capital investors are limited in both reach and volume of investments and transactions. The Demand Gap Initiative identifies small to medium investment opportunities in Egypt which have potential for geographic expansion and international exports, then matches them to other small and medium businesses in different countries or with start-ups and venture capital from abroad. The initiative also identifies opportunities available through international organizations directed towards investment in Egypt. Global Trade Matters works closely with diplomatic missions in Egypt to facilitate the networking process and identification of potential investment opportunities in Egypt.

Climate Neutrality – Action and Mitigation:
In 2019 Global Trade Matters re-launched its Investing in a Green Economy initiative developed back in 2008 and which addressed the importance of creating an environmentally friendly economy and creating the new green jobs of the future. The Climate Neutrality Policy Initiative brings together thought leaders, academics, international experts, senior diplomats, senior business executives and key government representatives to engage in an open dialogue on the importance of Climate Neutrality and how key stakeholders can work together towards Vision 2050. Hosted in Association with the Embassies of Ireland, Denmark, Brazil, New Zealand and Singapore in Cairo, the Climate Neutrality Initiative addresses some of the main challenges facing not Just Egypt, but other countries around the world due to Climate Change. The initiative aims at bridging the thought gaps between countries regarding climate change.


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