Flagship Summit, Conferences & Events:
Since 2005, Global Trade Matters has developed, organized and implemented over 250 Summits, conferences, meetings, roundtable discussions and seminars locally, regionally and internationally attracting over 40,000 attendees and delegates to these unique gatherings. More than 6,000 speakers representing government, civil society and the private sector have participated at our events making Global Trade Matters one of the most recognized and respected platforms for economic, investment and trade dialogue in the region.

Country Pairing Program:
Developed in 2005, The Global Trade Matters Country Pairing Program (CPP) and series of conferences and meetings aimed at addressing pressing issues regarding regional and international bilateral and multilateral trade and investment agreements and protocols. The main aim of the CPP was the inclusion of the Egyptian Private Sector in the decision making and taking dialogue and process of formulating and implementing international trade agreements. The CPP also reviewed Egypt’s performance on trade enhancement and most importantly assessing Egypt’s trade deficit with some of its largest trading partners. This series includes but is not limited to: Doing Business with America, Doing Business with the EU, Doing Business with Africa, Doing Business with Asia, Doing Business with Latin America, Doing Business with Canada, Doing Business COMESA and Doing Business with the United Arab Emirates.

The Global Trade Matters – Egyptian Stock Exchange Awards (GTM/EGX Awards):
In association with the Egyptian Stock Exchange and supported by Credit Suisse, Commercial International Bank, CI Capital and Alex Bank, Global Trade Matters launched the GTM/EGX Awards in 2005 (previously known as the Crystal Global Awards) awarding Egypt’s best performing companies on the Egyptian Stock Exchange. The awards were selected by a Strategic Advisory Board comprised of 11 leading financial experts from the banking and non-banking financial institutions whom reviewed and assessed both quantitative and qualitative data and information about each nominated organization. In 2005 this unique event awarded on 5 companies and by 2010 it had grown and expanded to include over 12 annual awards.

The Global Trade Matters Annual Money & Finance Conference Series:
2020 will mark the 15th round of the Money & Finance Conference Series developed in response to the Global Financial Crises in 2008, offering an international platform for a more comprehensive understanding of the impacts of the crisis on global investment flows and global economic growth. Held under the Auspices of the Egyptian Prime Minister’s Office and in collaboration with Credit Suisse, the Money & Finance Conference Series has attracted world renowned local, regional and international speakers from over 32 countries representing some of the of the largest corporations and organizations from around the world making it one of the most important economic and financial annual gatherings in Egypt.

The Global Trade Matters Annual Global Competitiveness Summit:
Based on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report which is issued annually and which measures the competitiveness of over 140 countries based on 12 key pillars, the Global Trade Matter Global Competitiveness Summit was inaugurated by the President of the Global Federation for Competitiveness Councils (the GFCC) The Honorable Deborah Wince Smith in January 2016. The Global Trade Matters Global Competitiveness Summit has attracted over 120 global experts on Competitiveness, business leaders and a senior government officials to openly discuss Egypt’s performance on the index and discuss policies, strategies and programs directed towards the improvement of the nation’s competitiveness globally.

The Ambassadors’ Edition Annual Global Competitiveness Summit:
Now in its 5th year The Global Trade Matters Global Competitiveness Summit, part of the Global Trade Matters Global Competitiveness initiative, is an annual gathering of Ambassadors, Senior Diplomats, Senior Executive from international Organizations and leaders from the private sector aimed at sharing experiences and branding the dialogue on the importance of Global Competitiveness. Key strategic partners from Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Finland, Belgium, Denmark, Mexico, Panama, South Africa, Philippines, Ethiopia, Chile, Lithuania, Slovenia Ireland and New Zealand have actively participated at this unique event bridging idea gaps and forging new partnerships for international cooperation and development while enhancing the Competitiveness dialogue in Egypt.

The Global Trade Matters International Dialogue on Climate Neutrality Series:
The “Global Trade Matters Dialogue on Climate Neutrality Series” acts as a platform for sharing the challenges, opportunities, experiences and new ideas on how to transform into a carbon free global society, while exploring implementation policies, strategies and initiatives undertaken by different countries respectively to achieve the global aspiration for Vision 2050. The series of events at raising awareness within the business community, participating schools and universities on the importance of a post-carbon economy and how they as “community influencers”, can play a vital role in achieving climate neutrality. The “Global Trade Matters Dialogue on Climate Neutrality” explores the role of International Cooperation (Governments, Agencies, Organizations) in providing sustainable support through financial flows, capacity building, and technology transfer to developing countries working towards carbon neutrality. These events also highlight the importance of the private sector’s commitment to invest in technologies and practices which reduce a company’s footprint in the journey towards carbon neutrality.






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